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precious metals, stolen lands fred burril, cleve higgins (web | pdf)
a critical review of the quebec government’s poverty-fighting measure: a discourse analysis beatrice mulewa & samuel st-pierre theriault (web | pdf)
queers come out in solidarity with palestine q-team (web | pdf)
les queers sortent en solidarité avec la palestine
q-team (web | pdf)
drawing lines in the sand: draught & privatization in kenyan masaai land erin couglan (web | pdf)
life lines svea vikander (web | pdf)
think local, recruit global: the role of temporary workers in canadian food production kerri westlake (web | pdf)
demystifying the life sentence in canada re-con (web | pdf)
subverting higher education: teaching environmental justice kathryn lennon & asha philar (web | pdf)

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editors: degane sougal & derek lappano
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cover art: madeleine r.

This journal was made possible thanks to a summer stipend grant by the
Quebec Public Interest Reasearch Group at Concordia University

thank-you: tasha, jaggi, ashley (QPIRG-concordia) • degane the great (CURE-mcgill)
siji (CURE-concordia) • QPIRG-mcgill • maddie r, shannon f • those who
offered time & skill (sarah k, tara m, svea v, jules r-b, emma r, katie e, drew
n) • those who agreed to have their work published in this little journal

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