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1. music education as a tool in preserving dominant canadian culture jillian sudayan (web|pdf)
2. examining the increasing rates of homelessness amongst inuit women within montreal carly seltzer (web|pdf)
3. consultation as cooption: the case of shaughnessy village kelly pennington (web|pdf)
4. university of the streets cafe sarine makdessian (web|pdf)
5. disability and the militarization of urban spaces: configuring radical accessibility and communities of support in contexts of war al blair (web|pdf)
6. montreal: a people’s present:abc poster series al blair (web|pdf)
7. good hair zine sheryl-ann simpson (web|pdf)
8. opium dreams emily yee clare and ryan kai cheng thom (web|pdf)
9. the language of pain:part one: pain as a noun simone lucas (web|pdf)
10. the language of pain: part two: pain as a verb and as a narrative eve sanders (web|pdf)
11. unbounded embodiment vs.containment and control: a critical analysis of fatphobia andrea debruijn (web|pdf)
12. police brutality: a testimonial julie matson (web|pdf)
13. police brutality: misconduct and the marginalized 
julie matson (web|pdf)
14. parole sans parole, the prequel: the vulture (a play) the termite collective (web|pdf)
15. self-referred: a quebec trans health survival guide (excerpts) astt(e)q (web|pdf)
16. développer les études trans dans la francophonie : présentation de quelques résultats et enjeux issus de deux recherches utiles aux communautés trans mickael chacha enriquez, billy hébert, line chamberland et jean dumas (web|pdf)

published by QPIRG concordia and QPIRG mcgill, in montreal, quebec. september 2012.
the convergence 2012 collective:   jodie beck, caitlin manicom, kim roos, jaggi singh and degane sougal
co-ordinator:   kim roos
editors:   jodie beck, graham latham, caitlin manicom, maddie ritts, degane sougal
layout & design: kim roos
cover art:   al blair
convergence is a core project of both QPIRG concordia & QPIRG mcgill

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