volume 4

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1. unschooling et <<free school>>: l’éducation peut commencer marike reid-gaudet (web|pdf)
2. homeschooling in montreal: emerging questions from an interview-based project allison jones (web|pdf)
3. a deviant bride to be lily hoffman (web|pdf)
4. corps queer: la décolonisation des genres cléo mathieu (web|pdf)
i. untitled shannon willmott (web)
ii. submersion geneviève giroux (web)
iii. en la calle arianna garcia-fialdini (web)
iv. der geist der menschheit (the soul/ spirit of humankind) sofia bach (web)
v + vi. hybrid spirit i & ii megan kanerahtenha:wi whyte (web)
artwork showcase (pdf)
5. line of force: critiques of nationalism at the intersection of migrant justice and indigenous sovereignty keara yim (web|pdf)
6. language and power! aaron barcant (web|pdf)
7. what is in a word?/à l’intérieur des mots: a portrait of community creative writing myriam abdelhak (web|pdf)
8. burnout in social movements: the roots, the experience, the lessons learned allison jones (web|pdf)
9. list of contributors (web|pdf)

published by QPIRG concordia and QPIRG mcgill, in montreal, quebec. fall 2013.
the convergence 2012 collective: amber gross, brooke nancekivell, carolin huang, degane sougal, elliot montpellier, jaggi singh, kama maureemootoo, nicolas quiazua, sabrina gurniak, sofia bach
layout & design: kristin li
cover art:   c. gladu
convergence is a core project of both QPIRG concordia & QPIRG mcgill