About Convergence

Convergence is an undergraduate and community-based research journal by QPIRG Concordia and QPIRG-McGill.

Convergence is the name we give to an event that unites different people, ideas, and approaches in a common project. as a noun it simultaneously describes the group of students who, together, form the content of this project; the variety of research and educational approaches, from honours theses to political pamphlets or photo essays; and the movement between university work and community activism, not simply by uniting them but by attempting to strengthen one through the other, bringing them into contact.

in its form as a verb, convergence is a taking-on of injustice: where students, approaches, and ideas encounter political and social problems, where research converges on the powerful territory of academia to insist on alternatives. in its simplest, however, convergence was started as a modest companion piece to the community-university research exchange (CURE) and the Study in Action conference – a kind of archival capsule that, by recording their work, affirms the efforts of undergraduate students. But at the same time we hope this small convergence of people and ideas ultimately takes on a life of its own, encouraging and creating space for intellectual work that is geared towards community and committed to fighting for justice.