volume 2

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By way of introduction: Community-based social justice research (web | pdf)
Security Karen Boyles (web | pdf)
What spaces exist for queer youth? On institutional discourses and regulatory imaginations Julia deMontigny (web | pdf)
Divine Interventions And the Geography of Loss (part 1) Kandis Friesen (web | pdf)
Collective and community gardening: A contextualized analysis of urban agriculture in Montreal Angharad Wylie (web | pdf)
Divine Interventions And the Geography of Loss (part 2) Kerri Flannigan (web | pdf)
Collective Inmate Action: A Broad Overview of Prisoner-led Organizing in North America Nicole Dawn Dunbar (web | pdf)
The True North Strong and Free? Colonialism in Canada’s North Gwendolyn Muir (web | pdf)
Interview with CURE student researchers Siji Kompanal (web | pdf)

Published by QPIRG Concordia and QPIRG McGill, in Montreal, Quebec. September 2011.
The convegence 2011 collective: Anais Cadieux-Van Vliet, Noah Eidelman, Camillia Elachqar, Andrea Figueroa, Eryn Fitzgerald, Ashley Fortier, Priya Gandhi, Yuseph Katiya, Sarah Kizuk, Siji Kompanal, Derek Lappano, Anna Malla, Caitlin Manicom, Bruce Manson, Farid Rener, Jaggi Singh, Aaron Vansintjan
Layout & Design: Tasha Zamudio

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