volume 5

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1. Asking for It: Critiquing Sexual Rhetoric on the Political Left and Moving Beyond the Sex-Positive/Negative Binary Kai Cheng Thom
2. Words are Stories: Reading Indigenous Women’s Writing on Body and Land Alisha Mascarenhas
3. “Saving” the Child: The Genocidal Connections Between Residential Schools, the Sixties Scoop, and Contemporary Foster Care Molly Swain
4. Window Seat: Looking Out from the Margins at Quebec’s Anti-Charter of Values Delice Mugabo
5. Analysis d’un fragment du discours identitaire québéois: Répresentation de l’Autre et orientalisme Francis Dolan
6. Artwork Showcase
7. Consensus and the Commons: Healthy Alternative Governance Processes Resisting Erasure by Global Capitalism and Colonialism Robin Reid-Fraser
8. Seeing the Forest for the Fags: Reimagining Sustainability as a Queer Project Cameron Butler
9. Voluntary Standards are Smoke Screens: The Case of Pacific Rabiales Energy in Colombia M’Lisa Colbert
10. Rad Enough: How-Anti-Capitalist Roots Shape the Actions and Identity of the Midnight Kitchen Brooke Nancekivell
11. List of Contributors



Published by QPIRG Concordia and QPIRG McGill, in Montreal, Quebec. Spring 2015.
The Convergence 2014 collective and editorial team: Addison Woolsey, Becca Yu, Brooke Nancekivell, Isaac Stethem, Julie Moreau, Kai O’Doherty, Kama Maureemootoo, Kristin Li, Nicholle Savoie
Layout & design: Kristin Li
Cover art: Matt Corks and Jenny Galewski
Convergence is a core project of both QPIRG Concordia & QPIRG McGill