List of Contributors



Aaron Barcant

I am an international student from Trinidad, at Concordia University. I do not believe in confinement to disciplines (or static identities), as my learning and study focus reflect in every way. I am particularly interested in language due to its central relationship to identity, epistemology, and ontology. This is heightened further when it comes to the question of organization in ascribing active – conscious – resistance and expression.

Allison Jones

Allison is interested in radical forms of anti- oppressive and anti-authoritarian education. She is studying Anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, but her learning happens all the time and all over the place.

Cléo Mathieu

Cleo studied Women Studies and Linguistics at Concordia for a semester, and is currently working in a raw-food kitchen downtown Montreal, as well as working on her own literary and drawings projects.

Keara Yim

Keara Yim is an undergraduate student in the women’s studies and geography departments at Concordia, based in Montreal. She is interested in decolonization and the practice of Indigenous solidarity, particularly from the position of QPoC, and is currently doing research in support of the Unist’ot’en Pacific Trails Pipeline blockade.

Lily Hoffman

Lily Hoffman is a former McGill student. They are interested in issues of gender, sexuality and queerness, and how these things intersect with capitalism and state power, amongst many other things.

Marike Reid-Gaudet

Marike Reid-Gaudet a un background en anthropologie et en sociologie de l’éducation. Elle est présidente de l’AQED (Association québécoise pour l’éducation à domicile) et rêve (et travail avec d’autres rêveurs) à la mise en place de la première école-libre à Montréal.

Myriam Abdelhak

Undergraduate student at Concordia, I volunteer as a researcher for L’Anneau Poetique, and am a member of Concordia University Television. Location area: Montreal.


Art Work


Arianna Garcia-Fialdini

Arianna Garcia-Fialdini, newcomer Canadian, born Mexico City,1983.
First BFA in Painting, Concordia University, second BFA Art Education. Completed MFA studies in Painting in the west of Ireland, April 2012. Lives and works in Montreal. Has exhibited in Mexico, Canada, the US and Ireland.

Geneviève Giroux

Bédéiste et illustratrice, Geneviève Giroux s’intéresse à la vie de quartier de Montréal, ainsi qu’à la culture et à l’histoire du Québec. Depuis 2012, elle a présenté deux expositions individuelles et a exposé dans une vingtaine de lieux culturels. Elle a publié un recueil de bandes dessinées et a participé à une œuvre collective de bédéistes. Elle a obtenu une maîtrise en éducation à l’Université du Québec à Montréal en 2010. Elle a souvent sollicité la collaboration de Charles Bossé, enseignant de français et passionné de bandes dessinées, pour la réalisation de projets artistiques.

Megan Kanerahtenha:wi Whyte

Megan Kanerahtenha:wi Whyte is an artist and art educator from the Mohawk Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Through her artistic and academic endeavors, her goal is to culminate a growing curriculum of multimedia visual art and exploratory processes that address the issues concerning Indigenous rights, cultural traditions, and hybrid identities.

Shannon Willmott

This painting is about history and the weight of the legacy we are struggling under. We cannot escape the atrocities that have happened on this earth – to the land, to the animals and to each other. It is a terrible and ongoing weight. The feelings that motivated the making of this painting asks me, how will you continue? How will you intervene? What can be done?

Sofia Bach

Sofia Bach is a 20 year old ukrainian artist residing in Montreal and studying at McGill. Acrylic on canvas being her main medium, she investigates on human psyche in modern life through the means of painting. The conception of the objectivization of the human individual since the industrialization and the languages of the subconscious are her main artistic interests.


Cover Art


C. Gladu

C. Gladu is an interdisciplinary PhD student and artist focused on issues of identity, the environment, and political activism. Drawing from a diverse educational background in business, fine arts and design, my work often weaves together seemingly disparate elements in a way that is bold and intelligent while also being playful and narrative.